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Growing a small, or even a medium business is hard. Often times the challenges are hidden from view and can actually be traced back to your marketing. Marketing is often misunderstood and businesses know they must have a great marketing program to grow, but how?

At RD Marketing, we’ve helped a wide range of companies realize their full potential with a comprehensive and custom designed marketing program that delivers results. From our years of experience, we know what works and why and we can implement a successful program for you. Get in touch with us for a free marketing analysis and we’ll let you know what to fix in your program and why you should do it.

Marketing Strategy

Most small businesses skip the first and most important step in their marketing program — the marketing strategy. Most companies jump right into the tactics without considering who they are targeting and why. This is probably the number one reason why small business marketing fails and we’re here to change that into a success.

RD Marketing will review and evaluate your businesses target market, ideal customer profile, positioning, value propositions, competitive landscape, and data analytics. We will help direct immediate and long-term activities that put your business on a path to success. It’s all about putting the right message, in front of the right person at the right time so that they can take your desired action.

Website Design

Your website is a critical hub of your marketing program. For many prospects, it is the first point of contact with your company. The website should inform and engage visitors, build trust and drive them to contact the you. The home page is the first part of the process and must communicate in seven seconds or less: Where am I? What can I do here? Why should I do it?

RD Marketing will redesign your website and bring your primary message to the forefront. We will utilize our extensive digital and design expertise to ensure your website stands out from competitors and drives growth. Your new website will not only look great but convert visitors into customers!

Lead Generation

All small and medium sized businesses rely on leads to build and grow the company. Leads are the lifeblood for your sales force. Leads can come in many forms from hot to cold, but a constant stream of qualified leads in the sales pipeline is the key to growth.

RD Marketing develops the right program to generate leads for your company. Using the marketing strategy including ideal customer profiles, messaging and tactics, we drive prospects to take our desired actions. We look for the highest leverage opportunities to get hot, qiualified leads into your sales pipeline that turn into ideal customers.

Brand Building

Your brand is what customers and prospects think of when they think of you. It may not be the same for every person, but you can influence how they think about you and what your stand for.

The best way to build your brand is through consistency. We help you to find a consistent voice that permeates the company and your outward appearance. We then communicate this through messaging, imagery, content and through your marketing channels, such as social media, website and email. We build trust in your brand for prospects and customers.

Email Marketing

Email represents one of the easiest ways to reach potential customers. In today’s digital economy, most people check their email constantly, whether that’s at home, at work, or on the go. Further, email continues to provide a strong return on investment, as a recent DMA study showed that every $1 spent on email marketing produced $42 in return.

RD Marketing will not endlessly spam inboxes. We create direct, impactful content that will turn leads into active sales prospects. We nurture leads trough the sales pipeline by keeping your name and message in-front of them, so when they are ready to buy, your company is top of mind.

Search Marketing

When trying to solve a problem, many prospects start with a web search. However, Google is constantly changing their search algorithm tyring to put answers right at a searchers fingertips.

We’ve been around long enough to remember when their were search engines before Google. We’ve seen and experienced Google’s growth to the dominant search player. We know how to work within the Google ecosystem got both organic and paid search results. Understanding how their systems work, enables us to target your optimal prospects with your optimal messages. Further, we drive them to specific landing pages to enable a specific action.

Social Media

The average person now spends an average of 3 hours per day on social media. For businesses with consumer facing products or anyone looking to build their company’s brand, a strong social media presence is a must have in today’s digital world.

RD Marketing has a keen understanding of what it takes to run a successful social media campaign. From Twitter and Facebook to Instagram and LinkedIn we will help create content that builds your brand, connects your business to the target market and increases your sales opportunities.

Trade Shows & Events

Trade shows are a great way to reach a large audience in your industry, in one location. However, many companies fail to convert leads to legitimate sales opportunities because they do not have a show strategy in place.

RD Marketing will support your trade shows and events with pre-show and post-show planning to maximize sales opportunities. We will help your booth stand out, engage visitors, and make your products and services the talk of the show!

Online Advertising

A recent Digital Report showed that we are now spending an average of 6 hours and 42 minutes of every day online. It’s a big number and that includes about half of our time online spent with our mobile phones.

With so many of your prospects online for a significant part of the day, it presents us with an opportunity to reach them in multiple ways. We’ve use a wide variety of online advertising tactics including pay-per-click campaigns, display advertising, banners, social media ads and more. They key is developing the right tactics to fit your business and your prospects. We have years of experience in this area and can put it to use for you.

Creative Design

As people spend more time online, they are becoming more adept at noticing design flaws. Whether it’s an oddly shaped logo or uninviting web page, viewers know when something doesn’t look right. Poorly designed marketing content can hamstring your business.

RD Marketing relies on over 25 years of creative design experience to develop clear, professional content. We’ve designed a wide variety of content from website and digital assets to videos to sales collateral to logos to advertising and a bit of everything in between. The key is delivering the message in a format that makes it easy to consume.

Data and Analytics

Many businesses are turning to data driven approaches to make their campaigns more efficient. However, with the wealth of data now available, many people struggle to pick out what’s important and what’s not.

RD Marketing uses aggregated marketing data and industry best practices to help you incorporate the most relevant data into your business decisions. With a strong understanding of analytics such as Google Analytics, email and PPC data, we use the information to optimize and maximize your campaigns.

Public Relations

Research shows simply having somebody read about your business from a 3rd party makes them more likely to trust what your selling. A strong public relations campaign can greatly enhance your business in the eyes of your audience.

RD Marketing has a strong understanding of the public relations landscape. By promoting your business in local and industry media, we will build prospect and customer awareness, trust and confidence in your brand.

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